Can I join the YOS as a dual citizen?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by our students who will attend YOS Course.

People who have foreign nationalities as the first citizenship and Turkish citizenship as the second one can join the YOS. However, whose citizenship as the first one is Turkish and the second one is foreign may able to join the YOS as long as they get permission to get out of their Turkish citizenship temporarily.
Where can I get the Application Document?

You need to get the YOS application document from the university  you applied.

How much do I have to pay?

The participation fee for the YÖS exam varies from university to university.

When and where will the exam be held?

As the YOS exam of each university is different, our students preparing for the YOS course can follow the YOS exam dates on the web site

What questions are asked in the exam / Which topics are asked in the exam?

YOS Exam contain of Mathematics, Geometry and IQ lessons. There are average of 40-45 questions from IQ, 30-35 questions from Mathematics, 5-10 questions from Geometry in the YOS Exam.

How and where can I learn my YOS exam results?

You can learn the results of YOS from the websites of universities.

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